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(I have researched this particular topic extensively and I could go on for pages and pages...but rather than side-track you with those details...According to the most recent Gallup poll of Americans’ views on evolution, almost half of all respondents rejected the mainstream view of human origins.The number — 46 percent — has not changed meaningfully in more than two decades. But to understand my theory, I offer an analogy, which actually involves individuals from the opposite side of the fence.

I don’t really know where the IFB gets this information to be honest.trust me: If you get out of public school with your passion for intact, you are the exception.) If you want to lead a life of passion and purpose in today's world, you will find the path has been quite overgrown with weeds from lack of use. ” I think you've already experienced what I am about to explain to you.Have you ever gone through a period of your life where something incredibly exciting was going on?Maybe it was a girl that rejected you or cheated on you and broke your spirit.Maybe your friends are holding you back (this is more common than you think, they're not doing it on purpose, and I'll be talking more about it in a minute...) And, of course, the modern education system is perfectly designed to kill independent thought and prepare you for a life of mediocrity.

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As many of you already know the Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement (henceforth IFB) is a King James Version only denomination meaning that they believe that the King James Version of the Bible (henceforth KJV) is the only version of the Bible that Christians of this era should use.

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