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A case can be made that remnants of Harappan culture are evident in classical Sindhi folkore and religious rituals, which raises the question of a possible linguistic link between Sindhi and the Harappan language.

Unfortunately, there is little evidence on which to determine the linguistic stock of the Harappan language, the ancient script is as yet undeciphered, but a prevailing theory suggests a Dravidian origin.

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In the urban centers of Sindh, Sindhi competes for status and speakers with Urdu (the national language of Pakistan), and increasingly English.

Sindhi is also spoken by about 2.5 million people in India, including major communities in Gujarat, Mumbai and Pune, where immigrants from Sindh relocated after the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan.

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While Bengal was the first part of India to come under British colonial rule after the Battle of Plassey in 1757, it was also the region to produce the first nationalist thinkers of the country.

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Bengalis are an ethno-linguistic group concentrated in the eastern part of India and the country of Bangladesh.

Though varying in religions and caste affiliations, this community has a long and proud history of cultural and intellectual achievements which find reflection in their identity construction as well as marital practices.

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However like the rest of India, Bengal too has traditionally followed the system of arranged marriages.

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