Updating content types

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If you were to duplicate this on a Drupal site you would create a Content Type. Contacts), define the information that you wanted to store about each contact (called Fields in Drupal), and then add those Fields (e.g.First name, last name, and mobile phone number, etc.) to that Content Type.Creating a content type for commonly used documents is one of the most powerful features of Share Point 2013.Content types allow your documents to be organized and uniform across your Share Point site, ensuring that all site users know what information a document contains along with keeping all documents consistent for easy site management.Developers can also customize the authoring experience in the same way.One way to think of content types is to visualize the contacts on your mobile phone.

How can you do that programmatically using Power Shell? The Power Shell Script, Update-SPContent Type Document Template.ps1 below does just that.Some of these properties can be changed once at the site column level and the changes can be propagated to all lists in the site collection.This is surfaced in the UI for a selection of properties: The same (with the ability to set many more properties) can be achieved with Power Shell (or, as always, in C#): The properties that are not listed in the UI may not “update all list columns based on this site column” as you would expect if you are using content types.In this post we will discuss how to associate a document template with a site content type that you’ve created.Businesses produce a wide variety of documents on a regular basis (common types such as legal contracts, sales proposals, or accounting spreadsheets) that need to maintain consistency.

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header tells the client what the content type of the returned content actually is.

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