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I guess I just wanted a thread on her b/c she's a great young actress who doesn't fit the mold. i really like sarah polley, i loved her in "the sweet hereafter" (atom egoyan) "and my life without me" ... She's quite striking, and from all I've heard about her, a really cool person. I think she seems to have a good feel for what flatters her figure and she looks to be very comfortable with herself and her own aesthetic. Slim, but not bone-skinny; she looks very natural and healthy. and i like the whole minimal make-up thing; make-up DOES hurt you (a bit) or at least your skin..she's beautiful without it. and i like her style simply because it's easy, effortless.

i love effortless elegance and calm more than poufed-up, obviously lavish style.

A unique cinema experience, and there will be few left unmoved by the direction this family saga takes as it unfolds, layer by layer.

It takes the viewer on a journey that transcends the confines of traditional cinema or documentary.” Philippa Hawker, THE AGE 18/20. It’s impossible to explain why this masterful film is so brilliant without giving something away.

She became one of the most enigmatic and notorious women of 1840s Canada for her supposed role in the sensational double murder and was eventually exonerated after 30 years in jail.

Her conviction was controversial and sparked much debate about whether she was actually involved in the murder or merely an unwitting accessory.

With this groundbreaking new feature that seamlessly blends past and present, the real and the imagined, Polley’s characteristically unflinching yet compassionate gaze delivers a level of depth and emotion only hinted at by her acclaimed earlier directorial works, ‘ Colin Mc Guire on why Sarah Polley is one of the best directors in modern cinema.The six-hour miniseries is inspired by the Marks' true story and will be written and produced by Sarah Polley () is on board as a co-EP. The Netflix adaptation, like Atwood's novel, will introduce a fictional young doctor named Simon Jordan, who researches the case and falls in love with Marks.He soon becomes obsessed with her as he seeks to reconcile his perception of the mild-mannered woman he sees with the savage murder of which she has been convicted.However, Sarah sometimes lets her emotions overpower her reasoning and logic, and consequently she is sometimes biased in her opinions.Sarah Polley is impressionable and rather gentle, or at least that is the way she comes across.

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