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Whos dating halle berry

The Monster's Ball star divorced French actor Olivier Martinez last year, two years after they split, and she admits she has had plenty of time to reflect on the changes she needed to make in her life.

"I've been enjoying that," she tells People magazine's Jess Cagle.

Or maybe Halle is playing us all along and it’s just a food baby in there…

'Kidnap' - Relativity Studios Previously set for a December 2, 2016 release, Relativity Studios pushed the release date of its Halle Berry thriller "Kidnap" to a March 10, 2017 premiere. With today being March 10th, many are wondering why "Kidnap" isn't opening in theaters this weekend.

In brief, the parent studio of the film's distribution company, Relativity Media, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in mid-2015 after lawsuits and missing loan payments.

However, in March 2016, the company emerged from the bankruptcy, but still on financially shaky ground, leaving the fate of its unreleased titles (including "Kidnap") up in the air.

As of January of this year (2017), Relativity Media was described as being in "a persistent vegetative state" (per Variety), as insiders at the company said the studio was down to just a handful of employees.

The film was previously scheduled for release on October 9, 2015, but in July 2015 Relativity pushed back the film to February 26, 2016, because the company was facing a financial crisis, before being re-scheduled once again to May 13, 2016, then December 2, 2016, and pulled off the schedule again, to be later slated for March 10, 2017, which is today.

A project that's been "on the shelf" since 2014, it was acquired by Relativity Studios in the fall of that year, but its release has since been uncertain thanks to the financial woes of the studio's parent company (Relativity Media).

"Don't be afraid of what people will think about the choices you make.

That we need to live for ourselves and live for our own individual happiness." Earlier this year, Halle opened up about her failed marriages and relationships, admitting it's been a tough few years.

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"I'm just with my kids and I'm really taking time to think and reflect, and trying to figure out how to make different choices and just have a minute to be with myself." "I think this is proving to be a really valuable time," she adds. I'm learning that I'm fearless, because I had so many fears as I went through my third divorce, I was afraid to do that.

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